Baby Card Collection

Hi Everyone, A while ago I got the amazing question if I was interested in designing a whole new baby card collection. Since I’m pregnant myself, hooray! 😀 I was honoured and started drawing and creating. #CrazyBabyThoughts I’m so excited to share a few of my designs with you! Yes only a few, not all[…]


McLaren P1

Hi all At this moment you can visit the Dreamcars at Brussels Expo. I was at the opening yesterday evening and this McLaren P1 winked at me, hello there beauty! Been a while since I saw her, I got the amazing opportunity a while ago to make a full repo of her. 😉 I really[…]



On my website you can see that I only do Automotive photography. But sometimes I get such a nice job offer that I can’t refuse. Just like this one for Magnum, so yes I do photograph different things aswell! Do you know Magnum? They manufacture tactical boots, they’re used by police forces, military, firefighters, airsoft teams, industrial,…[…]