On my website you can see that I only do Automotive photography. But sometimes I get such a nice job offer that I can’t refuse. Just like this one for Magnum, so yes I do photograph different things aswell!

Do you know Magnum?
They manufacture tactical boots, they’re used by police forces, military, firefighters, airsoft teams, industrial,… and so on. A very well known brand if you need good, nice looking boots.
They asked me to shoot the new collection together with TACT. ( Tactical Airsoft Confrontation Team )

Recently I received this snap from Las Vegas, made me so happy! My pictures are used all over the world. :-)

Magnum Boots


IMG_4384 IMG_4302 IMG_4265 IMG_4158 IMG_3846 Magnum_010_Miki_Ishiwata Magnum_08_Miki_Ishiwata Magnum_03_Miki_Ishiwata Magnum_01_Miki_Ishiwata

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